Music is a language of emotion since it may represent unique feelings and speak to the soul without boundaries or constraints. My online videos give you the courage to learn particular skills and techniques to concentrate on your voice and what music means to you. 

Classical Vocalist | Music Teacher | Human

My online lessons are captured in videos that will provide you with the knowledge and how- to, to improve your skill set and turn you into the classical vocalist you’ve aspired to be. There will always be hurdles while perfecting your craft, but those can be overcome with practice. 


My online videos will focus on topics that I consider to be some of the best practices in classical pedagogy which I have learned through my own years of vocal coaching sessions. My goal with these online videos is to give my clients access to highly sought after music skills for an affordable price and from the comfort of their own home. You may choose from any and all videos that you would like. They are made to exist independently from one another, allowing you to choose your path or interest.


As any artist with a passion, we love to share our personal craft for those who may want to hear it. When I am not recording instructional videos to teach best classical singing practices, I am recording some of my personal favorites. I will try to release new online music demos as much as I can and I hope you enjoy them. 

                      Online Singing Lessons 

Personal Recordings


Professional Expertise

I have had the most amazing opportunity to work with brilliant and talented people who have taught me throughout my 20 years of study.


Just like some of you now, I found myself singing to the Phantom of the Opera in my younger years, longing to make classical singing a career of mine. I went on to complete a B.A in Vocal Performance from Seattle Pacific University and then moved to New York City, where I have been given many opportunities.


Through my many successes, I launched a musical entertainment company based in New York City called Nielsen’s Opus which provides classical music entertainment for special events. From studying what I have and the technique I have developed along the way, I decided to make my knowledge accessible online, especially to those who may not have the means for expensive voice lessons nor the ability to go to conservatory.

Contact me if you have any questions, and I look forward to helping you dive into the world of online classical music instruction. 

Erica from New York

You just have to hear Robert perform in person. He has a beautiful and powerful voice that sounds like a choir of 10 people are singing all at the same time.

Diane from Seattle, WA

Wow, what a voice! As soon as Robert began to sing at our brother's memorial, everybody's jaw dropped open amazed by the big, beautiful sound that came out.

Bradley from New York

Isaiah performed for our morning church service, and the moment he hit the first high note of the piece, I got goosebumps. He is such a talented and intuitive musical artist.