This video covers what I consider to be the top three most important concepts I have learned about vocal technique over 20 years of studying. Approximately 23 minutes in length.

  • Increase your confidence in your vocal abilities.

  • Improve your sound effortlessly through resonance and increased air support.

  • Sing long beautiful phrases with dynamic and color.

  • Discover how to make stylistic changes to your voice (e.g. jazz, rock n roll, & musical theatre).

Your Ultimate vocal guide

This 7-page pdf document discusses some of the most important vocal techniques and concepts I have learned in my 20 year career. 

  • Discover how to apply vital vocal techniques for the ongoing development of your voice. 

  • Establish strong vocal habits

  • Expand your knowledge with valuable resources and recommendations

  • Suitable for singers of all ages and experience levels. 


Demo: When Stars Are In The Quiet Skies

Composed by Charles Ives

Demo: O Danny Boy

Composed by Frederic Weatherly

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